May 1, 2021

Chicago, Illinois – Today, five aldermen announced the formal creation of the Democratic Socialist Caucus of the Chicago City Council.

The founding members of the caucus - Aldermen Daniel La Spata (1), Jeanette B. Taylor (20), Byron Sigcho Lopez (25), Rossana Rodriguez Sanchez (33), and Carlos Ramirez-Rosa (35) - issued the following statement:

“On this day 135 years ago, 80,000 Chicagoans marched down Michigan Avenue demanding an eight-hour work day with no cut in pay. 350,000 workers marched nationwide. This worker-led movement delivered increased pay and a shorter work-day for American workers. Today - as Chicagoans march for worker’s rights, immigrant rights, and an end to racist policing - we are reminded that working class people and their movements are the strongest force for positive change.

We are forming the Democratic Socialist Caucus to center working class Chicagoans and their movements for justice in our legislative efforts. We know that it is through bringing together working class communities from across Chicago that we can achieve the power needed to defeat rich and powerful special interests at City Hall. After all, bringing together working class Chicagoans to defeat special interests is how we all got elected.

There’s so much work for us to do to address the shared challenges our communities face of wealth inequality, climate change, police violence, and structural racism. That is why we are forming the Democratic Socialist Caucus of the Chicago City Council, to organize collectively - not act individually- and shift the balance of power between the working class and capitalist class. Together we will fight for our communities, for our Chicago, and for a Chicago for all.”

The diverse group of aldermen represent 21 of Chicago’s 77 communities. They have informally caucused for the past two years. Alderman Carlos Ramirez-Rosa will serve as inaugural chair. Caucus members will appear on the Ben Joravsky Show on Wednesday, May 5 at 1:15pm to discuss the formation of their Caucus and take questions from the veteran Chicago journalist.

To learn more about the Democratic Socialist Caucus of the Chicago City Council, connect with them on Facebook:, and Twitter: